A Leaking Roof Will Destroy Your Home!!


Reliant Roofing's Maintenance Package Prevents Damage and Mold Before it Starts!!

  • Aids in the prevention of roof failures
  • Detection and repair of minor problems
  • Increases the life span of your roof
  • Provides Priority Emergency Repair service in the event of storm damage
  • Provides annual reports of roof condition and an early warning of major problems that may affect roof integrity and cause leaks
  • Removes ugly black streaks from your roof
  • Most Importantly, our Maintenance Package SAVES YOU MONEY!!! 

Our Package Includes

  1. Complete Inspection and Evaluation of the exterior of your home
  2. Clean off debris from roof
  3. Trimming branches and limbs touching the roof
  4. Apply anti-algae solution to entire roof
  5. Exterior Skylight Cleaning
  6. Inspect and Clean out Gutters and Downspouts
  7. Inspect flashing at any roof penetration(pipes, skylights, etc)
  8. Advise the Purchaser of any necessary repairs and provide free estimate
  9. Members of our plan receive a 10% discount on all services